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In the Russian Federation, specific products are subjected to a fire protection certification. For obtaining GOST R certification these products must have the relevant certificates.

Following products are subject to compulsory fire protection certification:

  • Equipment for fire protection and fire brigade
  • Specific materials
    (e .g. insulating materials, plastics, coverings, floorings, plastic rolls, roofing)
  • Specific construction products
    (e. g. construction products with fire protection function, cable ducts, construction products made of plastics – e. g. window profiles, flue devices)
  • Specific electrotechnical products
    (e. g. insulated cables, heating cables, refrigerators with compressors).

Testing and certification is only carried out by the Russian authorised bodies.

Fire protection certificates classify the products according to their inflammability and combustibility. The classes used in Russia differ from the European ones.

SOEX offers assistance in obtaining fire protection certificates, including supervision of all efforts and arrangement of audits.